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Retain Incremental Ingest Option Between Ingest Sources

Currently when switching between Ingest from Disk or Folder to Ingest from Selection and back the option for Incremental Ingest becomes unchecked.

Other options not supported when ingesting from selection such as Unmount Disk are retained so it is counterintuitive that the Incremental Ingest be not as well.

Also it's inconvenient to remember to re-check the option every time.

Could a solution be found that allows this to be retained?

I just checked, and I see the same thing. That does seem like a bug. I'll check with the developers to see if there's a reason for this behavior and how difficult it would be to make that selection sticky. 

I originally filed a support ticket and they said they were aware it would occur, but it is in the plans to be corrected in a future build. However it took some back-and-forth and I made the feature request before knowing it was already slated to be corrected

Yeah. I checked and saw that Andrew has already added this story to our tracking system. 

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