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Location formats

The location data shown in my photographs is formatted as

N 052° 31' 51.30", W 000° 02' 59.64

and PM6+ finds the relevant location on a map without problem. But when I enter a location for a Map Location Search I have to format it:

52.530914, -0.066550

As the first format is readable for its internal use could PM6+ be made able to accept it as format for the user to input?

This would save many tedious copy and paste and convert operations.


Good idea. I'll see what we can do. 

Brace yourself Marziah! I have more coming...

And thanks.

Out of curiosity, where are you getting location data that is formatted as N 052° 31' 51.30", W 000° 02' 59.64? Is this coming from your GPS tracker or some other source?

The pro Nikon SLRs I use don't have built-in GPS and the external ones eat batteries and are too vulnerable in my work so, when I need GPS, I grab fairly random pics with my phone as I go and use the data from those files. 

I'm moving to PM6+ from Media Pro and with that app I can drag the phone pictures into a temporary catalog and it's easy then to export a text file with capture time, lat and long. That's formatted as degrees/minutes/seconds. I haven't yet found out if that's possible with PM6+.

In that case, I'd suggest opening your phone photos as a contact sheet. Select one, and then go to Map Location Search. The map will center on that photo's GPS data and let you copy and paste it from there. You can also export a text file with capture time and GPS data by using the Export menu. If you need someone to walk you through it, contact us and we'd be more than happy.  

Hi Marziah

That's really helpful. It took me a few tries to get the hang of the export but it's working well now.



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