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search by selected photo metadata

 The new 'search by location of selected photo' works well i.e. you get all images within a radius you can select. It would be very useful to have this also available for other types of metadata in the image, particularly time. For example you search for a ginger cat and it shows all images of ginger cats, however you think you forgot to label some of the photos taken so you select one of the images and choose to find all images taken within an hour of that image. This would then bring up all those other images you forgot to label or were needed for context but did not contain the actual cat.

I know you can get the date and time out and do a separate search on that to find all images within this timeframe but that adds extra steps and you already have the code to do this for location searching so should not be difficult to implement.

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So are you asking for a separate dialog that just searches photos within a certain timeframe?



Seems I could not add both comment and photo, suggest something below the 'map location search' menu item 'time search'. I know you can do the map and time search in other ways but getting to it based on the information in a particular image would be quicker and easier as it is for the map data.

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