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Good day, I apologize in advance for a petty question, request. It would not be possible to display a logo or an inscription after the start PM, which would be an indicator that the program is starting? Virtually all the programs I use (affinity photo, CO, ACDSee...) after double-clicking immediately display the "boot image". After starting Photo mechanic 6 (Plus), nothing is displayed just waiting to start (on a laptop it's sometimes 40 seconds (AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS, 16GB, NVMe)). The introductory logo would show that something is happening, because sometimes on a laptop I double-click incorrectly and I don't know if the program is running or waiting in vain. I'm aware this is a trifle, but maybe it would help more people.

In connection with the previous question, I would like to ask if starting 40s is normal. Thanks for the reply (sorry for the bad English).

Radim H.

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