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Collection Label

When building a collection I search by keyword and then include the photos I want with the new and much appreciated shortcut Ctrl+B, however there's no indication which photos have or haven't been included in the collection.  If I right-click then the pop-up menu shows two options: Add to Collection: [Name] and Remove from Collection: [Name].  Maybe a single choice would be better E.g. 'Add to Collection: [Name]' if the photo is not already in the target collection. It would also be nice to see at a glance without using the menu either that a photo is in the currently selected collection or, even better, which collection it's in.

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You can find out which collections contain your photo by right-clicking on the photo in a contact sheet and selecting Reveal in Collections. We didn't include it in the Add to Collection menu because sometimes it can take a few seconds, and we didn't want people to force-quit at the spinning ball. 

Understood, thanks for the info.

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