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Possible PM6 Lite?

I'm envisioning a PM6 Plus Lite version that would give newsroom writers and editors the ability to search for photos that have been indexed by PM6 Plus.  Now that PM can make pics searchable with tags, exif, metadata, etc., I'd like to extend its search capability to writers and editors, who don't need the full functionality of PM6 Plus.  With this, I could go into our archives and make our entire data base searchable for everyone who needs access.  As of now, our folders and pics are not in one place.  Rather than move everything around into the "right places", I could simply index them from where they sit.  The lite version would function more like a viewer and search engine, rather than all the other things that PM does.  

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We don't have any official announcements at this point, but it is something we're considering. 

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