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Add description to code-based lists

Many IPTC/XMP fields in PhotoMechanics have support for pre-defined lists, e.g., country codes, categories, ...

Especially for those fields operating on codes, like country< code, it is hard to memorize the meaning of each code. Therefore, it would be great if the lists could have two columns, i.e., one with the code to be inserted into the field when selected and one with the actual value.

For example, the country code lists would show:


ESP Spain

EST Estonia

ETH Ethiopia


instead of





When selecting any row, the code (first column) would be inserted in the file (and not the description, second column).

The import of such a list could be a CSV file or a tab separated list.

Bob, our support manager, suggested you try the attached code replacement file to see if it solves your problem. You should be able to just use your  =<3-character-code>= and have it replaced with the country name that way. 


My problem is exactly the opposite. I need to enter a code in a field (in the example the ISO country code). All codes are store in a list and accessible with the dropdown next to the field.

The challenge is that I have a hard time memorizing what the code for a given country, for example Spain is. Therefore it would be great to see the code, followed by the country name (code + description), in the list to select from. When selecting, only the code would be entered in the field.

See attached file. Use case: I want to enter the code of Switzerland. I select the list. I am stuck because I don't remember that the code for Switzerland is CHE. So I have to look it up outside of PhotoMechanics.

It would be great if the list would show (and allow to enter) two columns. In the first, the code CHE, in the second the description Switzerland, such that when selecting 'CHE Switzerland', the system would enter the code CHE in the field.

(17.6 KB)

You could also make a code replacement that does the opposite. Let me turn this into a ticket so you can work with support for a solution for your workflow. 

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