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Please ADD shortcut to open/close NAVIGATOR panel

When I open a new window, the Navigator panel opens automatically. That's puuuurfect!

However, there's no keyboard shortcut to close it when not required, or to re-open it again when I need to access another file. The F key does not work (works fine when an image is selected and I want open/hide the info panel)

The only method to Open/Close the Nav panel, appears to be to move my mouse over the double bar on the edge, then drag to open or to close the panel, or, by moving my mouse over the two vertical bars, and double clicking on it, to open and close the Navigator panel
On my Mac, I have my dock on the left side, hidden so when I move my mouse over to open the Navigator panel, the dock pops into view! Very frustrating! So I have to leave the dock visible to avoid that problem. The mouse also has to be perfectly positioned to click on the double bar.

In summery, please provide a single key or function to open-close the Navigator panel, when viewing a new window/contact sheet. Being able to use the F key would be great!

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You can also double-click on the gray area above the contact sheet in macOS, and the navigator and all other side panels will open/close. 

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Thank you for your prompt response Marziah.

That works - thanks! But it still means I have to move the mouse and double click. The one letter shortcut using F for example would be much better. Really like how I can open and close for example the Info panel when I have an image selected.
The F key seems to have no effect when I have a contact sheet open. Any chance you can make it dual purpose? As previously mentioned - that would be super!

This may be something we look at for a future version of Photo Mechanic, but it's not currently something we're working on, sorry. 

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