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Moving groups of thumbnails simultaneously

I am new to PhotoMechanic, so I hope this is not a redundant request. I have a large number of scanned photos that consequently have irrelevant capture dates and show up in a contact sheet in more or less random order. I would like to be able to gather widely separated related images and shift them to a single position in the contact sheet. I can then assign them a rough capture date and rename them so they appear in the correct order with images that have full EXIF data. So my request is for a command than can take multiple images and move them as a group to a specific place in the contact sheet. I used to use iView Pro (and its subsequent iterations until killed by Microsoft and Capture One) and it had the command I want. I hope you can help because I think this would be a worthwhile addition to PhotoMechanic.

Jeremy Robertson 

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It's not a keyboard shortcut, but if you sort your contact sheet by arrangement, you can select and drag your photos together. You can also sort by date to find the ones with weird dates if they happen to be similar dates. I've got a bunch of photos from one of my cameras where I forgot to set the date before shooting, for example. 

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