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Add "Open as Layers in Photoshop" option under "Edit Selected Photos"

 I am moving into a line of work where I need to stack photos as layers Photoshop.  I am currently using Lightroom Classic to select my photos, order them, and then "Open as Layers in Photoshop" from the right click menu. 

My plan is to shoot tethered and use Watch Folder to cull out the duds and then select the remaining keepers to send to PS in the sequence that they are arranged in PM with the left most image in the arrangement being the top layer and then the next image in the arrangement as the second layer, etc.

Yes, I can send this to Bridge rather than starting in LR, but Bridge is showing me the whole folder, not just the images I have picked in PM, so after awhile, the Bridge view gets too cluttered.

I tried creating some custom droplets using actions and a script, but the droplet function wants to treat each image dropped there as a separate file and doesn't have the ability take all the dropped images and put them in one PSD as layers (unless I'm missing something).



Yes. A droplet treats each image as separate. Maybe what you need is some sort of Photoshop macro - from within Photoshop - that would stack photos into a composite image from a folder? I don't think what you're asking for is something that we can do by adding a feature to Photo Mechanic.

Thanks for the reply.  I have discovered that there is no way to feed multiple images to a droplet and work on them at the same time.  As you said, one-at-a-time.

From a workflow perspective, I was trying to avoid having to switch to Bridge/Lightroom to invoke their "Open as Layers" function as well as avoiding having to send multiple images from PM to Photoshop and then run a custom script there to stack them and name them accordingly.  In a "perfect" world, PM would take all the selected images and push them into Photoshop with a similar "Open as Layers" function so the least I would have to do is switch to Photoshop and save the file.

However, I realize that we don't live in that "perfect" world.  It would be great if you could put that feature on an enhancement "dream list" for the future in case Adobe opens up an API that lets you do that.

For now, I am culling and keywording in PM, then switching Bridge to select the images I want in stacked as layers in one PSD and hitting the "Open as Layers in Photoshop" function.  I then switch to photoshop to save the file with the desired filename.  Not elegant, but it gets the job done.

Thanks for looking into this.


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