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Name Order - allow a choice in preferences please

I name my folders with YYYY.MM.DD

Every time I open PM it arranges the folders with the oldest (lowest number) on top.

Can we get a preference choice to open with the most recent at the top?

Thanks !

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Are you talking about images within contact sheets? You can reverse the sort order. 

Hi Marzia - no; in the Favorite/Navigation windows.  Would be nice to set one order or another by default.

You can change the sort order, but I don't think it remembers the next time you launch. So that's what you'd like it to do - to remember your last setting?

Exactly; remember the order after the app is closed.

The default is to bring up oldest images first when the folders are named with my convention.  (YYYY.MM.DD)

I have to manually change the order each time to work my newest folders.  Would be nice to have them "right there".

Thank you for considering this tweak !

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Hi David, just want to make sure we aren't talking about a feature that's already in place. If you right-click in the Navigator and then click Preferences in the menu that appears. In this preferences window, you can set the default sort for the Navigator and the Favorites panels. Let me know if changing that does what you are looking for.

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for !

Bravo Andrew !

Thank you.

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Sorry about that, those preferences initially slipped my mind when I first saw your thread. Glad that works for you. 

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Thanks again !

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