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Make New Window Same for Windows and Mac

Currently for Photo Mechanic on Mac, when I go to Window > New WIndow, it opens a new window so I end up with two windows open. This is great for cleaning up folders, etc. and is the behavior I expect. When I do the same thing on Windows it opens a new Contact  Sheet. Not only is this not the desired behavior, it doesn't follow the name of the behavior. 

As someone who has Mac at the office and Windows at home (not my choice), it would be immensely helpful to have these behaviors match. I use multiple windows a lot, so correcting this behavior would be very beneficial.

I believe that's just an operating system difference between the two platforms. On Windows, you do have the perk of being able to split your view of contact sheets so you can view more than one at a time. Just drag a contact sheet tab down into the contact sheet area. 

Thanks for your reply Marziah, I didn't know about the split screen, which does work pretty well, so thanks for that recommendation. I still wish the behaviors would be the same between the two, no matter how it's implemented. If nothing else, it would be nice if the Windows drop down were changed from 'New Window' to 'New Contact Sheet', just to humor older people like me, lol.

Yeah. I'm not sure why that drop down exists with that label. I'll ask about it when everyone gets back from summer vacation. 

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