The Metadata (IPTC) Template gives you control over IPTC metadata to efficiently add information to an individual, group, or batch of photos.

Note: the Metadata (IPTC) Template was called the IPTC Stationery Pad in previous versions of Photo Mechanic.

To apply metadata to a single or group of images:

Select images in a contact sheet and then open the Metadata (IPTC) Template from the Image menu or by using the keyboard shortcut command-i (macOS) or control-i (Windows). 

Type data into any fields you wish to use. You can also use variables or code replacements in these fields. Be sure to select the checkbox next to all fields you wish to change. Other fields will remain unchanged.  

Once you are satisfied with your changes, select the Apply Template to Selection button.

Choose what happens to the existing metadata.

Check the checkmark next to the + mark if you want to append or add more metadata to a field. Leave it unchecked if you want to delete the old content and replace it with your new entry. 

The Description/Caption field uses a dropbox. You can choose to replace the field or place the new content before (prefix) or after (append) the existing metadata. 

Streamlining your workflow around frequently used data

If you have a list of frequently used data, such as a list of photographers or subjects, you can use that information to create a custom dropdown list by selecting the dropdown arrow to the right of the field and selecting the Edit... option. 

You can also import keywords from lists you have created or purchased. 

Using GPS data

The globes next to location-based keywords can be used to specify reverse geocode for fields using GPS data. If your images have GPS data that resolve to named locations, select the globes and the location will be filled in when you apply the template. When the globes are selected, GPS data takes priority over any text you have entered. This means you can safely enter default locations that will only be applied if the image doesn't already have GPS data. 

You can also save an entire set of Metadata (IPTC) template settings including any custom lists you've created by saving a snapshot of the template by using the lightning bolt button.