You can use Photo Mechanic® to export selected photos from a contact sheet to other formats, including web galleries, XML, text, and KMZ. You may export photos to create a portfolio, to display photos for clients, or to use photo metadata in other applications.

Select your desired photos and then go to File> Export to open the export templates window. 

Each template has different preferences, so select a template before completing the rest of the form. You can also use variables. 

Export formats supported in Photo Mechanic 6 include the following web galleries:

  • BananaAlbum
  • PM Basic Gallery
  • PM Classic Basic
  • PM Classic Plus
  • PM Selections
  • Scrolling Thumbs
  • Soundslides Plus
  • UpdateWeb (for updating existing galleries)

In addition to exporting to web galleries, Photo Mechanic 6 also supports export in the following formats:

KMZ for Google Earth web browser

Text Exporter for plain text - no images

XML Exporter for metadata in XML format