To convert images from one filetype to another, select the desired photos in the contact sheet and then use File>Save Photos as... 

This opens up a powerful dialog box that gives you many options for converting, moving and even renaming images. As with many features in Photo Mechanic, you can use variables.  Save As saves a copy of your image and does not change the original file. 

Image Type 

  • Choose your output file type.  If you choose JPEG, you can select the quality level. High is for minimal compression and Low is for more compression.

Image Processing

  • Cropping: If a Crop has been defined for an image, checking this box will apply it when the file is saved.
  • Scaling: To Fit is for when you want an image to fit inside a specified pixel or cm dimension, whether it is oriented horizontal or landscape. To Percentage sizes the image to the specified percentage size, e.g. 50% would result in an image half as high and half as long as the original and 200% would double the linear image dimensions.
  • Resolution: Sets the pixels per inch of the saved file.


  • Apply Metadata (IPTC) Template: adds whatever is currently set on the Metadata (IPTC) Template to all the selected images. The template can also use variables and snapshots.
  • Preserve EXIF Info: Includes as much EXIF Info as the original file contains. Copy WAV Files: Copies any WAV files associated with each file.
  • Rename: Uses the standard Photo Mechanic renaming tools to generate new names. See Renaming.


  • Original folder: Saves files back to the same folder as the original file. If filename collisions occur then the new files will be renamed according to your renaming resolution choice.
  • Create subfolder: Creates a subfolder in the same folder where the original file resides. You can use variables to create the name of your subfolder.
  • Copy to this folder: Saves files to the base path plus an additional (optional) subfolder. You can use variables to create the name of your subfolder
  • Always pick destination: Allows you to choose where the files are saved to each time you perform the Save As operation.
  • Open destination as Contact Sheet: Opens the destination folder as a new contact sheet tab if it is not already open.