When you open the installer for Photo Mechanic on MacOS, you may notice an additional folder named 'Extras', in addition to the ReadMe and the Application itself. The Extras folder contains three folders: HTML Template Docs, Photo Mechanic Context Menu, and Photo Mechanic Disk Launcher. 

HTML Template Docs

These files are used for creating custom export files through Photo Mechanic. Read more about creating a custom export template here. 

Photo Mechanic Context Menu

The "PM Context Menu" folder contains an optional app named "BrowseWithPMService." It adds a context-sensitive menu to the macOS Finder that allows you to launch Photo Mechanic if it is not currently running or bring it to the foreground to browse the selected items. Right-click or control-click one or more image files to see this menu. You don't need to do anything special to install this app other than specifying where Photo Mechanic is located. 


Setting up Browse with Photo Mechanic

Before you can use this service, you need to specify where Photo Mechanic is located. 

  1. Hold down the option key while selecting Browse with Photo Mechanic. 
  2. The Finder will open your Applications folder. 
  3. Select Photo Mechanic. If you have more than one version (versions 5 and 6, for example) choose the one you want to use most often. 

The next time you choose Browse with Photo Mechanic, it will remember your selection. 

Disk Launcher

The "PM Disk Launcher" folder contains an optional app that will allow Photo Mechanic to automatically launch when you mount camera cards. Follow the instructions on the ReadMe.txt file to install it.