The snapshot button is the lightning-bolt symbol that appears in many commonly used dialog boxes. Snapshots are used to make a copy of the dialog’s current settings so you don't need to type them all in again the next time you need to use them. You can have multiple snapshots to cover a variety of uses. Although the snapshot button is available in many dialog boxes, the snapshots you will see are specific to that dialog box. 

Creating snapshots

  1. Select the lightning-bolt button
  2. Choose Save...
  3. Give your new snapshot a meaningful name. 

Applying snapshots

Once you have snapshots saved for a dialog box, you can also select them through the snapshots (lightning-bolt) button, which then changes your dialog's preferences to match the ones you saved in the snapshot. 

Managing snapshots

The Manage Snapshots... button opens the folder on your hard drive that contains your snapshot files. You can copy, rename, and delete snapshot files from here, and the changes will be reflected in Photo Mechanic.