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    You can find an in-product list of searchable fields in Photo Mechanic Plus by navigating to Catalog>Searchable Fields... This field is automatically updated within Photo Mechanic Plus, so you will always find the specific indexed fields for your version. 

Searched by DefaultField Name or AliasData TypeDescription
aperture, fstopDecimalAperture (F-Stop)
TRUEbyline, name, photog, phtgTextByline
TRUEcaption, captTextCaption
colorvalIntegerColor Value
TRUEcopyright, coprTextCopyright
cc.legacyTextCountry Code
identityTextCreator Identity
TRUEevent, evntTextEvent
expcompDecimalExposure Compensation
filesize, sizeIntegerFile Size
filetypeTextFile Type
TRUEfilename, fileTextFilename
gps, location, locGPSGPS Location
filehash, file.exactTextHash Matching Exact File Contents
height, h, yIntegerImage Height
width, w, xIntegerImage Width
TRUEkeywords, keywTextKeywords
colorlabel, labelTextLabel
lensused, lensTextLens Used
objectname, object, objt, slugTextObject Name
TRUEpathTextPath to File
percep_hash_8, image.similarTextPerceptual Hash Matching Similar Images
percep_hash_4, image.fuzzyTextPerceptual Hash Matching Similar Images (fuzzy)
TRUEpersonshown, personsshown, pershownTextPersons Shown
serialnumber, serialTextSerial Number
sharpness, shrpIntegerSharpness
specialTextSpecial Instructions
tag, taggedIntegerTag Status
transref, trefTextTransmission Ref
artobj.circadateTextArtwork or Objects: Circa Date Created
artobj.contentdescTextArtwork or Objects: Content Description
artobj.contribdescTextArtwork or Objects: Contribution Description
artobj.copyrightTextArtwork or Objects: Copyright
artobj.copyownerTextArtwork or Objects: Copyright Owner
artobj.copyowneridTextArtwork or Objects: Copyright Owner ID
artobj.createdateTextArtwork or Objects: Create Date
artobj.creatorTextArtwork or Objects: Creator
artobj.creatoridTextArtwork or Objects: Creator ID
artobj.invurlTextArtwork or Objects: Inventory URL
artobj.licensoridTextArtwork or Objects: Licensor ID
artobj.licensornameTextArtwork or Objects: Licensor Name
artobj.physdescTextArtwork or Objects: Physical Description
artobj.sourceTextArtwork or Objects: Source
artobj.styleperiodTextArtwork or Objects: Style Period
artobj.titleTextArtwork or Objects: Title
capturetime.dayIntegerCapture Time: Day
capturetime.hourDecimalCapture Time: Hour
capturetime.monthIntegerCapture Time: Month
capturetime.yearIntegerCapture Time: Year
iptcdatetime.dayIntegerIPTC DateTime: Day
iptcdatetime.hourDecimalIPTC DateTime: Hour
iptcdatetime.monthIntegerIPTC DateTime: Month
iptcdatetime.yearIntegerIPTC DateTime: Year
registry.imageidTextImage Registry Entry: Image ID
registry.orgidTextImage Registry Entry: Organization ID
licensors.addressTextLicensors: Address
licensors.cityTextLicensors: City
licensors.countryTextLicensors: Country
licensors.emailTextLicensors: Email
licensors.extaddressTextLicensors: Extended Address
licensors.idTextLicensors: ID
licensors.nameTextLicensors: Name
licensors.postalcodeTextLicensors: Postal Code
licensors.regionTextLicensors: Region
licensors.tele1TextLicensors: Telephone 1
licensors.teletype1TextLicensors: Telephone 1 Type
licensors.tele2TextLicensors: Telephone 2
licensors.teletype2TextLicensors: Telephone 2 Type
licensors.urlTextLicensors: URL, taken.cityTextLocation Created: City, taken.countryTextLocation Created: Country, taken.ccTextLocation Created: Country Code
TRUEcreated.state, taken.stateTextLocation Created: State
TRUEcreated.subloc, taken.sublocTextLocation Created: Sublocation
created.region, taken.regionTextLocation Created: World Region
TRUEshown.cityTextLocations Shown: City
TRUEshown.countryTextLocations Shown: Country
shown.ccTextLocations Shown: Country Code
TRUEshown.stateTextLocations Shown: State
TRUEshown.sublocTextLocations Shown: Sublocation
shown.regionTextLocations Shown: World Region

Multicolumn Aliases

Field Name or AliasData TypeColumns Searched

cityTextCity + Location Created: City + Locations Shown: City
countryTextCountry + Location Created: Country + Locations Shown: Country
stateTextState + Location Created: State + Locations Shown: State
sublocTextLocation + Location Created: Sublocation + Locations Shown: Sublocation


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