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    You can find an in-product list of searchable fields in Photo Mechanic Plus by navigating to Catalog > Searchable Fields... This field is automatically updated within Photo Mechanic Plus, so you will always find the specific indexed fields for your version. 

    Note: Fields that are searched by default are marked with an asterisk* in the table below.

Single-Column Aliases

Field Name (Alias)
DescriptionData Type
aperture, fstopAperture (F-Stop)Decimal
*byline, name, photog, phtgBylineText
*caption, captCaptionText
colorvalColor ValueInteger
*copyright, coprCopyrightText
cc.legacyCountry CodeText
identityCreator IdentityText
*event, evntEventText
expcompExposure CompensationDecimal
filesize, sizeFile SizeInteger
filetypeFile TypeText
*filename, fileFilenameText
gps, location, locGPS LocationGPS
filehash, file.exactHashtag Matching Exact File ContentsText
height, h, yImage HeightInteger
width, w, xImage WidthInteger
*keywords, keywKeywordsText
colorlabel, labelLabelText
lensused, lensLens UsedText
objectname, object, objt, slugObject NameText
*pathPath to FileText
percep_hash_8, image.similarPerceptual Hash Matching Similar ImagesText
percep_hash_4, image.fuzzyPerceptual Hash Matching Similar Images (Fuzzy)Text
*personshown, personsshown, pershownPersons ShownText
serial number, serialSerial NumberText
sharpness, shrpSharpnessInteger
specialSpecial InstructionsText
tag, taggedTag StatusInteger
transref, trefTransmission RefText
artobj.circadateArtwork or Objects: Circa Date CreatedText
artobj.contentdescArtwork or Objects: Content DescriptionText
artobj.contribdescArtwork or Objects: Contribution DescriptionText
artobj.copyrightArtwork or Objects: CopyrightText
artobj.copyownerArtwork or Objects: Copyright OwnerText
artobj.copyowneridArtwork or Objects: Copyright Owner IDText
artobj.createdateArtwork or Objects: Create DateText
artobj.creatorArtwork or Objects: CreatorText
artobj.creatoridArtwork or Objects: Creator IDText
artobj.invurlArtwork or Objects: Inventory URLText
artobj.licensoridArtwork or Objects: Licensor IDText
artobj.licensornameArtwork or Objects: Licensor NameText
artobj.physdescArtwork or Objects: Physical DescriptionText
artobj.sourceArtwork or Objects: SourceText
artobj.styleperiodArtwork or Objects: Style PeriodText
artobj.titleArtwork or Objects: TitleText
capturetime.dayCapture Time: DayInteger
capturetime.hourCapture Time: HourDecimal
capturetime.monthCapture Time: MonthInteger
capturetime.yearCapture Time: YearInteger
iptcdatetime.dayIPTC DateTime: DayInteger
iptcdatetime.hourIPTC DateTime: HourDecimal
iptcdatetime.monthIPTC DateTime: MonthInteger
iptcdatetime.yearIPTC DateTime: YearInteger
registry.imageidImage Registry Entry: Image IDText
registry.orgidImage Registry Entry: Organization IDText
licensors.addressLicensors: AddressText
licensors.cityLicensors: CityText
licensors.countryLicensors: CountryText
licensors.emailLicensors: EmailText
licensors.extaddressLicensors: Extended AddressText
licensors.idLicensors: IDText
licensors.nameLicensors: NameText
licensors.postalcodeLicensors: Postal CodeText
licensors.regionLicensors: RegionText
licensors.tele1Licensors: Telephone 1Text
licensors.teletype1Licensors: Telephone 1 TypeText
licensors.tele2Licensors: Telephone 2Text
licensors.teletype2Licensors: Telephone 2 TypeText
licensors.urlLicensors: URLText
*, taken.cityLocation Created: CityText
*, taken.countryLocation Created: CountryText, taken.ccLocation Created: Country CodeText
*created.state, taken.stateLocation Created: StateText
*created.subloc, taken.sublocLocation Created: SublocationText
created.region, taken.regionLocation Created: World RegionText
*shown.cityLocations Shown: CityText
*shown.countryLocations Shown: CountryText
shown.ccLocations Shown: Country CodeText
*shown.stateLocations Shown: StateText
*shown.sublocLocations Shown: SublocationText
shown.regionLocations Shown: World RegionText

Multi-Column Aliases

Field Name (Alias)
Columns Searched
Data Type
City, Location Created: City, Locations Shown: City
Country, Location Created: Country, Locations Shown: CountryText
State, Location Created: State, Locations Shown: State
Location, Location Created: Sublocation, Locations Shown: Sublocation

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