Catalog Sync updates your catalogs with the changes you make to your file systems outside of Photo Mechanic Plus. There are two sync modes: Quick and Full.  

Quick mode only scans specified folders for new files and adds them to your catalogs.  

Full mode adds new files, identifies missing files, and updates the metadata for any images whose metadata has changed since they were last cataloged.

  1. To begin a Catalog Sync, choose Catalog>Sync Catalogs.
  2. The Catalog Sync window lists the current set of catalogs in the Catalogs to Sync pane.  
  3. Select a catalog in the list. 
  4. It shows the “Per-Catalog Sync Settings.” This may be empty or may have a list of the file paths used to build the catalog.   
  5. If the set of folders to include in sync is empty you can add specific paths that you want to be part of the sync or use the Include Existing Paths From Catalog button to use what is currently listed as paths from the catalog.
  6. After you include folders, check one or more catalogs for syncing. All the images from these folders will be included, even if they were not previously part of the catalog. 
  7. Select the Start button.

If necessary, you can use the Pause button or Stop button during this process. 

When the catalog sync is complete, you will see a report in the Sync Status pane. If any of the disks used to build your catalog are disconnected or unavailable when the sync is started, all of the images from those disks will be listed as offline or missing. Offline/missing images are not removed from your catalogs. 

Automatic Collections to Create

This feature creates a collection that contains any files with the sync issues you've identified: new files, missing files, and offline files. After syncing files, you will see the new collections in the affected catalog. Notice that each new automatic  collection is created first with the date and time and then in a sub-collection with the reason why the collection was created (eg  Missing, New, or Offline). 

Adding only selected images from folders

Catalog Sync includes all the images from included folders. If you only added a few images from each folder and don't want all the images to be included in any folders, place a path to an empty folder in the Folders to Include in Sync list. A Full Sync on such a catalog will then scan for missing files, and update metadata from existing files, but not add new files.