Keyboard Shortcut

Copy Photo

Mac: ⌘-Y

Windows: Ctrl-Y

You can also use drag and drop to copy or move photos.

You can use Variables including the user-client Job variables.

Note: Drag and drop from a camera disk ignores any Canon “MISC” folders.
  • RAW+JPEG Handling: If the selected images include any RAW+JPEG pairs then you can choose to copy them as a ‘pair’, JPEG only or RAW only.

  • Apply Metadata (IPTC) template: Applies the current template to the images as they are copied.

  • Move Photos: This option ‘moves’ the image as opposed to ‘copying’ the image. The original is deleted. 

  • Overwrite: When checked, any files with the same name in the destination location will be replaced with the copied files. Use this option wisely, as overwritten files cannot be recovered. 

  • Always clear ‘Move photos’ option when showing this dialog: The “move” option will revert back to copy the next time you use it.

  • Copy WAV files: Copies WAV files that are associated with the selected images.

  • Rename Copied Images As: Renames the images as they are copied, including the option to use variables. 

  • Destination: This box contains four options:

    • Original folder: Copies files back to the same folder as the original file. If files have the same name, the new files will be renamed according to your renaming choice.

    • Create subfolder: Creates a subfolder in the same folder as the original file. You can use variables to name your subfolder. For example, to add the date to the folder name, you can add {date}

    • Copy to this folder: Copies files to the current folder with an optional subfolder. You can use variables to create the name of your subfolder

    • Always pick destination: This allows you to choose where the files are copied/ moved to each time you perform the copy/move operation.

  • Open destination as Contact Sheet: Creates a new Contact Sheet tab of the destination folder.