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If you have only one photo selected you can use the arrow keys to move the selection around.

Contact SheetShortcuts
Copy itemy
Edit in default editore
Upload photo via FTPu
Turn tag on+
Turn tag off- (minus)
Toggle tag on/offt
Toggle Selection and Loupe cursor modesz
Set Color Class *⌘-1 thru ⌘-8
Remove Color Class *⌘-0
Set Star Rating *Ctrl-1 thru Ctrl-5
Remove Star Rating *Ctrl-0
Select and scroll to last previewed iteml
Rotate counter-clockwise 90°[
Rotate clockwise 90°]
Renamem or Return
Play/Stop any sounds.a
Open Metadata (IPTC) Infoi
Move to previous Contact Sheet tab⌘-{
Move to next Contact Sheet tab⌘-}
Close current tab⌘-w
Close all other tabs except currentCtrl-Opt-⌘-w
Scroll to bottom of Contact SheetEnd
Scroll to top of Contact SheetHome
Preview WindowShortcuts
Close Preview windowEsc or ⌘-w
Move back/forward one item←, →
Scroll thumbnails by page↑, ↓, PgUp, PgDn
Delete current itemDelete or Backspace
Toggle "View crop mode" on/offp
Turn zoom on/offz or *
Increase zoom+
Decrease zoom-
Toggle shadown
Toggle highlightb
Link the two previewsl
One up viewo
2-up view (landscape)v
2-up view (portraits)h
Switch active preview pane in 2-upTab
Full screen mode (toggles)f
Restore from full screen moder
Swap items in 2-up viewg or /
Set Color Class (if set in Prefs)1 thru 8
Set Star Rating (if set in Prefs)1 thru 5
Remove Star Rating or Color Class (if set in Prefs)0
Set Color Class⌘-1 thru 8
Remove Color Class⌘-0
Set Star RatingCtrl-1 thru 5
Remove Star RatingCtrl-0
Toggle tag on/offt or . (period)
Toggle crop toolc or x
Remove cropOpt-c
Rotate counter-clockwise 90°[
Rotate clockwise 90°]
Play/Stop audio soundsa
Metadata (IPTC) Infoi
Add to selected itemsw
Panning cursorSpace or Opt
Pan in the zoomed modeOpt-↑, ↓,←, →
Pan faster in the zoomed modeShift-Opt-↑, ↓,←, →
Zoom in and outOpt-scroll
Zoom in and center on click⌘-mouse click
Metadata (IPTC) TemplateShortcuts
Clear all fields⌘-Del
Load IPTC template⌘-Opt-l (lowercase L)
Save IPTC template⌘-Opt-s
Show Job/User/Client dialog⌘-Opt-j
Show/Hide Variables window⌘-Opt-v
Apply to selected items⌘-Opt-a
Accept changes and close Pad⌘-Return
Metadata (IPTC) InfoShortcuts
Save changes and go to next⌘-] or ⌘-n
Go to next without saving⌘-Shift-] or ⌘-Shift-n
Save changes and go to previous⌘-[ or ⌘-b
Go back to the previous without saving⌘-Shift-[ or ⌘-Shift-b
Save, send to Uploader, and go to next⌘-u
Copy all IPTC field data to clipboard⌘-Shift-c
Paste clipboard into IPTC fields⌘-Shift-v
Save changes and close dialog⌘-Return
Clear all fields based on Clear mask⌘-Delete
Load a .IPT or .XMP file⌘-Opt-l
Save all as a .IPT or .XMP file⌘-Opt-s
Apply the Metadata (IPTC) Template
Open Variables window⌘-Opt-v
Play the associated sound file⌘-Opt-a
Add Color Class⌘-1 thru 8
Remove Color Class⌘-0
Add Star ratingCtrl-1 thru 5
Remove Star ratingCtrl-0
Enlarge the thumbnailCtrl-z
Toggle tag on/off⌘-t
Show Job/User/Client dialog⌘-Opt-j
Structured Keywords PanelShortcuts
Add Path to Collection⌘-Opt-c
Add Rightmost Keyword to Collection⌘-Opt-Shift-c
Apply Rightmost Keyword to selected photos⌘-Opt-Shift-k
Apply collection of Keywords to selected photos⌘-a
Clear Collection⌘-Backspace
Cycle through keywords matching search stringNext: ⌘-[
Previous: ⌘-]
Slide ShowShortcuts
Exit Slide ShowEsc
Advance to next itemSpace or → or ↓
Show previous itemBackspace or ← or ↑
Dismiss item from Slide ShowDelete or d
Tag item+
Untag item- (minus)
Toggle tagt
Set Color Class1 thru 8
Remove Color Class0
Pause slide show if on AutoCapsLock
Toggle fullscreen on/offf
⌘-, (comma)
Hide Photo Mechanic⌘-h
Hide other applications⌘-Opt-h
Quit Photo Mechanic⌘-q
New Contact Sheet window⌘-Shift-n
New Contact Sheet tab⌘-n
Open Contact Sheet⌘-o
Close Window⌘-Shift-w
Close Contact Sheet tab/window⌘-w
Ingest From Selection⌘-Shift-s
Live Ingest⌘-Shift-g
Live Slide Show⌘-Shift-l (lowercase L)
Rename Photos⌘-m
Copy/Move items⌘-y
Delete ⌘-Delete
Save As⌘-s
Send items via email⌘-Shift-e
Page setup⌘-Shift-p
Take Metadata (IPTC) Snapshot⌘-Opt-c
Paste Metadata (IPTC) Snapshot⌘-Opt-v
Find and Replace⌘-Shift-f
Search using Spotlight⌘-Opt-f
Select all⌘-a
Deselect all⌘-d
Select tagged items⌘-t
Select rotated items⌘-Shift-r
Select Cropped⌘-Shift-c
Select others (invert selection)⌘-Shift-o
Select Color Class 1-8⌘-Ctrl-1 thru 8
Select anything with a Color Class⌘-Ctrl-9
Select items with no Color Class⌘-Ctrl-0
Select Star Rating 1-5⌘-Opt-1 thru 5
Select anything Star Rated⌘-Opt-6
Select anything not Star Rated⌘-Opt-0
Set Code Replacements⌘-Ctrl-c
Reload Code ReplacementsShift-⌘-Ctrl-c
Emojis and SymbolsFn-E
Metadata (IPTC) Template⌘-i
Apply Metadata Template⌘-Shift-i
Keywords panel⌘-k
Structured Keywords panel⌘-Opt-k
Rotate counter-clockwise 90°⌘-[
Rotate clockwise 90°⌘-]
Mirror Photos Horizontally⌘-Ctrl-[
Mirror Photos Vertically⌘-Ctrl-]
Tag photos⌘-+
Untag⌘-- (minus)
Edit items⌘-e
Slide Show⌘-l (lowercase L)
Set Color Class⌘-1 thru 8
Remove Color Class⌘-0
Set Star RatingCtrl-1 thru 5
Remove Star RatingCtrl-0
Catalog (Photo Mechanic Plus only)Shortcuts
Include Selected Items (add to catalog)⌘-Ctrl-a
Remove Selected Items (delete from catalog)⌘-Ctrl-s
Map Location Search⌘-Ctrl-m
Add the selected items to the selected collection⌘-b
Toggle combined RAW+JPEG⌘-j
View allF1
View selectedF2
View taggedF3
View untaggedF4
Rescan Contact Sheet⌘-/
Show/Hide Info tooltips⌘-Shift-t
Show images by star rating⌘-Shift-F1 thru F5
Show images by color rating⌘-Ctrl-F1 thru F8
Show images with no color rating⌘-Ctrl-F9
Toggle Full Screen modeFn-F 
Apply rotation to JPEGs⌘-Ctrl-r
Window (macOS)Shortcuts
Select previous tab⌘-{
Select next tab⌘-}

* If you have single key shortcuts set in Preferences > Accessibility then you can use single keys (0-5 for star ratings or 0-8 for color classes) as well.

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