You can speed up captioning by using autocomplete. You can also create a text file to use as the autocomplete list for Photo Mechanic captioning.

Autocomplete finds the first alphabetical match for words or phrases in your autocomplete list. Use the tab key to accept a suggestion or keep typing.

To turn on autocomplete, navigate to Edit: Settings> Set Autocomplete

Creating a custom autocomplete text file

Autocomplete text files must be one word or phrase per line and saved as a plain text file. Use UTF-8 encoding if any letters use accents or non-Roman characters.

Once you change your text file, you need to return to the Autocomplete Settings window in order to get Photo Mechanic to recognize the change. 

Using Autocomplete

Just type like you normally do and when Autocomplete senses that you’re entering the first few letters of one of its words or phrases, it finds the first alphabetical match and completes the word. Here, a user has entered the three letters ‘Por’ into the IPTC Stationery Pad’s City field and Autocomplete has found the cities named Portland and Portsmouth in its list. "Portland" is alphabetically first, so it is the first choice:

PM autoc1.jpg

From this point, If you wanted Portland, you can press the TAB key to accept the match and move on. (If you need to type more into the field than just "Portland" you can use your keyboard's right-arrow key to accept the match and stay in that field. Or, if you wanted Portsmouth, you can click your keyboard's down arrow to select Portsmouth and then TAB to select and move on.

Alternately, if you don't want to hunt for the down arrow, you can keep typing letters until your choice is the only one remaining, and then hit TAB and go.

PM autoc2.jpg

This feature is meant to save time, so use whatever method is faster for your fingers.

Previous versions of Photo Mechanic were limited to single words for Autocomplete, but it now can handle longer phrases as well. For example, if you have a line in your text file like

At the corner of forever

And if your settings are to Autocomplete after two letters, simply typing "At" in a field will give you the full phrase option:

PM autoc3.jpg