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     You can speed up captioning by using autocomplete. You can also create a text file to use as the autocomplete list for Photo Mechanic captioning, although this is optional. 

    Autocomplete finds the first alphabetical match for words or phrases in your autocomplete list. Use the tab key to accept a suggestion or keep typing.

  1. To turn on autocomplete, navigate to Edit: Settings > Set Autocomplete
  2. Choose how many letters to type before autocomplete starts. 
  3. Choose where you want to find words to autocomplete. Your choices are a custom text file, variables, or the list of items you've already imported or used for other fields. You can choose one or more of these options. 
  4. You can also restrict the vocabulary to only draw from items from the field you're attempting to fill.


Creating a Custom Autocomplete Text File

    Autocomplete text files must be one word or phrase per line and saved as a plain text (.txt) file. This might come in handy if you had a list of guests at a wedding and you wanted to use the same (correctly spelled) names for both the Keywords: and Persons shown fields.  

Use UTF-8 encoding if any letters use accents or non-Roman characters.

    Once you change your text file, you need to return to the Autocomplete Settings window in order to get Photo Mechanic to recognize the change. 

Using Autocomplete

    Just type as normal, and when Autocomplete senses that you’re entering the first few letters of one of its words or phrases, it finds the first alphabetical match and completes the word. You can use the TAB or return/enter key to accept the suggestion and move on.

    Note: Autocomplete is case-sensitive.

When Two or More Words Match

    You will likely run into a situation where you have two or more words that match the first few letters of your word or phrase. The suggestions will be listed alphabetically. If the first suggestion matches your intention, just use TAB or return/enter to select it. If not, you can use the down arrow on your keyboard to navigate to the correct suggestion. You can also manually select it using your cursor, or you can just keep typing until your desired suggestion is at the top of the list, whichever method you find quickest.



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