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    Note: This article covers features for Windows users. GStreamer does not enable video playback in Photo Mechanic on Windows.


    You can install GStreamer, a free application to view thumbnails and previews of common video formats within Photo Mechanic contact sheets and preview windows. 

    Follow these instructions carefully:

  • GStreamer version 1.16.3 must be installed for this feature to work: Click here to download
  • When installing GStreamer, you must select the Complete installation option. Photo Mechanic needs the extra program features for video rendering.

    When you have installed GStreamer, you need to locate the “gstreamer” folder on your C:\ drive. 

  1. Launch Photo Mechanic.
  2. Go to Preferences and select the Files tab.
  3. Select the appropriate ellipses button (...) and specify the location of the gstreamer folder.  
  4. Select OK to save the preference changes.

    Once you have completed this setup procedure, you should see previews and thumbnails of video files in most common video formats. Please note that you are unable to select which frame of the video is used for the thumbnail and preview.

Note: In most cases, the complete install of GStreamer application should go to the C:/ drive. If you need to change the drive location, the "Complete" install will only let you change the folder location within that drive.

If you need to install GStreamer outside of the  C:/ drive:

  1. In Choose Setup Type, choose Custom rather than Complete.
  2. In the custom setup, change the location.
  3. Use the Back button to return to the Choose Setup Type menu.
  4. This time choose Complete.
  5. It should retain the location change.

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