In order to view video thumbnails and previews in Photo Mechanic 6 on Windows, you need to install GStreamer, a free application. (In previous versions of Photo Mechanic, this was handled by QuickTime for Windows.)

Until you have installed and configured GStreamer, you will see blank, black thumbnails of video files with a message that they cannot be rendered. 

Follow these instructions carefully.

  • You must use version 1.12.2 of GStreamer. Follow this link to download it directly. 
  • When installing GStreamer, you must select the Complete installation option. Photo Mechanic needs the extra program features for video rendering.

When you have installed GStreamer, you need to locate the “gstreamer” folder on your C:\ drive. 
  1. Launch Photo Mechanic.
  2. Go to Preferences and select the Files tab.
  3. Select the appropriate ellipses button (...) and specify the location of the gstreamer folder.
  4. Select OK to save the preference changes.

Once you have completed this setup procedure, you should see previews and thumbnails of video files in most common video formats.