We recommend calibrating your monitor before working with color management. Photo Mechanic uses the system monitor profile to display color using ICC (International Color Consortium) standards.

For more information about ICC profile standards, visit the International Color Consortium.

Photo Mechanic color management preferences

From the file menu, Preferences> Color management

Set the default ICC profile for photos where no profile is specified. 

Choose whether or not to use color management for thumbnails and previews. (Color management is slower but more accurate.) 

Choose whether or not to embed ICC profiles during copy or ingest. 

Preview toggle

You can toggle color management on and off when previewing a photo. 

Courtesy Jason Hill Photography

Assign a profile to one or more selected images 

From the menu, Tools> Embed ICC Profile into JPEGS 

You can select a predefined profile, upload a custom profile, and choose whether to override any existing profiles. 

Note: this command assigns a profile to the photo for accurate display, but it does not edit the colors in the photo.