On startup: This is how you would like Photo Mechanic to behave when it launches.

  • Do nothing
  • Open empty contact sheet opens a contact sheet with no photos
  • Show Open contact sheet dialog allows you to choose a contact sheet to open
  • Show Ingest Disks dialog allows you to start an ingest immediately 
  • Restore Contact Sheets from last session allows you to keep working on the same contact sheets from when you last quit Photo Mechanic 

On mount of Camera Disk: This is what action you would like to happen when Photo Mechanic senses that a card has been placed in a card reader. We recommend choosing Show Ingest dialog. 

Color Classes: Customize the color classes and text labels that Photo Mechanic uses to sort images. Click on a color box to choose another color and type in the box next to it to re-label that color. If you want maximum compatibility with Adobe® products, set the labels and colors here to match the labels and colors you use in Adobe products. 

Synchronize Color Class with IPTC/XMP Label: Check this option for better Adobe compatibility with color classes. 

Synchronize Color Class with IPTC/XMP Urgency: Use this option only if you need compatibility with iView Media Pro. 

Please also see our quickstart guide to Photo Mechanic preferences.