The advice on this page is intended for both macOS and Windows users. If you notice problems with slow rendering, we recommend updating Photo Mechanic to the latest version first to see if that resolves your issue. If that doesn't resolve it, try the following: 

Lost shadow detail

Turn off Show blown highlights and Show lost shadow detail in the preview window

In the Preview tab: 

  1. Turn off Enlarge photos to fit previews and slide shows. This setting just enlarges a pixelated low-resolution preview while the image loads, without it you may notice some previews are tiny. 
  2. Turn off Always make current Preview visible in Contact Sheet.
  3. Turn off Synchronize single selection between Preview and Contact Sheet. 

Check your keyboard preferences.

If your Key Repeat setting is Slow or Off, using the keyboard won't let you advance quickly by just holding down an arrow key. Likewise, a shorter Delay Until Repeat can speed up how quickly you can advance through the keyboard. You may want to adjust the Delay Until Repeat to longer if you find that you're often accidentally typing double-characters.  

If you haven't purchased Photo Mechanic 6, take advantage of the free 30-day trial to make sure it works well on your system.