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This page is an active list of known issues affecting Photo Mechanic and Photo Mechanic Plus users. Not all issues are necessarily posted here, but we'll make our best effort to update this page in a timely manner. Workarounds will be posted if one is known of.

  • Photo Mechanic Plus Only: MacOS Sonoma 14.3 breaks critical catalog functionality
  • HEIF/HEIC rendering times on Contact Sheets/Preview window
    • We are investigating how to improve performance when rendering these files
  • Preloading Metadata stalls
    • When attempting to do an operation on a large number of items, a progress window will appear indicating that Photo Mechanic is working on Pre-loading Metadata. If the progress bar stalls, cancel the operation and try again and it should get further next time. Repeat until the progress bar completes, at which point it should continue with the operation. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the Contact Sheet and wait for all thumbnails to load, and then perform the operation.
  • Slideshow shows a black screen when started, requiring a force quit
  • Slideshow is not color managed
    • No known workaround
  • System clock changes can interfere with Incremental Ingest

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