The Search tab in Photo Mechanic Plus allows you to make a quick search for items in the selected catalog or catalogs. You can fine-tune searches using search semantics.

By default, a quick search searches through the bulleted metadata fields listed in the Searchable Fields... window.

For example, a search in this catalog for “hill” would find all photos with keywords that included “hill” as well as all photos that contained “Jason Hill Photography” in the byline and all photos that contained the letter sequence “hill” anywhere in the file name. 

To refine searches, you can search within one or more metadata fields, such as 

byline hill 

You can keep adding complexity with AND and OR statements such as 

byline "hill" and rating=5. 

Be sure to check out Example Searches to see examples of the Photo Mechanic Plus search query syntax. You can also find a list of searchable fields by going to Catalog>Searchable Fields...

More search options

By default, searches reuse the same search tab so you don’t keep opening new tabs every time you search. You can uncheck this option if you want new tabs, such as comparing results from searches

Restrict your search to only items in a contact sheet by checking Only Search Contact Sheet Items. 

Use Case Sensitive Search is an option that lets you differentiate between Hill and hill in a search.