Selection Method: Three options on how a selection may be made. The default (first) option is the one most people will be familiar with. 

Default Sorting Method: This is the default sorting order for new contact sheets. You can always change the sort order later. 


Wrap-around: Toggles whether the arrow keys navigate from the last image in a contact sheet back to the first image at the end of the folder. 

Close contact sheet window when last tab is closed: When this is enabled, closing all the tabs in the contact sheet window will also close the window itself.

Create New Untitled window when resumed with no Contact Sheet window: If there are no contact sheets open and Photo Mechanic is minimized, a new blank contact sheet will be created when photo Mechanic is resumed.

Only alow arrangements when in Arrangement sort mode: Thumbnails can only be dragged to make new arrangements when the dropdown is set to Arrangement.

Automatically rescan when folder contents change: Contact sheets rescan when other applications notify the system that they have added or removed files from a folder.  If you notice issues when working with folders outside of Photo Mechanic, we recommend turning this option off. The change will only take effect when Photo Mechanic is restarted.


Default Size: This is the default size of thumbnails in new contact sheets. It can be changed by using the thumbnail size slider on the toolbar.

Generate high quality thumbnails: Turning this off displays the small EXIF thumbnails only. Super-fast but low quality.

Sharpen thumbnails: Thumbnails will have sharpening applied and will look crisper to the eye but will take slightly longer to render. 

Combine images into single thumbnail: Toggles the combination of image files such as RAW+JPEG pairs into a single thumbnail.

Show soft rotation indicator on thumbnails: Displays a symbol to show if a photo has been rotated.

Labels: Sets the number of lines that are used beneath each thumbnail. The default is Filename only. You can choose filename plus 1 to 3 more lines, each of which can display variables

Scroll wheel sensitivity: (macOS onlyControls the amount that the mouse scroll wheel moves the screen while viewing the Contact Sheet. 


Use these options to set how you want Photo Mechanic to appear