Move Photos to Trash/Recycle Bin: Check this box to move deleted items to your computer's Trash or Recycle Bin when possible instead of permanently deleting them. 

Play move to Trash sound: When checked, Photo Mechanic will play a sound effect when deleting photos.  

Never Warn when deleting: Turns off the warning when deleting files. Use with caution.

Update Creation Time: Changes the creation time of the image to the EXIF time of capture during Ingest or Copy. Unchecking this option will cause the files to have a creation time set as the time of Ingest or Copy, not the actual time of capture.

File Extensions: Choose upper or lower case for file extensions. 

Resolution Units: Choose between pixels per centimeter or pixels per inch. PPI is the default.

Add Photoshop resolution info to Camera JPEGs during IPTC update: Sets the default resolution for files created during Copy or IPTC Updates for other imaging applications that use a dpi value for sizing.

Default Resolution to use: Choose a resolution to use for all file operations such as Resize, Crop, Save As, FTP, etc. Saved images will have this resolution when viewed in other applications.

Renaming resolution: Set options for what Photo Mechanic should do when it tries to save a file to a folder and there is already a file with the same name. This policy applies to all renaming operations. You can choose to append a letter, or a single or double-digit number.  

Location of GStreamer (Windows only) GStreamer is an optional installation that allows you to preview video files in Photo Mechanic. 

Location of User Templates: These settings allow you to choose a folder where your custom templates are stored on your system. The export, HTML template, and uploader dialogs will look here for additional templates.

Set Proxy: (Windows only) a button to set HTTP proxy settings for templates that use HTTP as the basis for their protocol.