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Move Photos to Trash/Recycle Bin: Check this box to move deleted items to your computer's Trash or Recycle Bin when possible instead of permanently deleting them. 

Play move to Trash sound: When checked, Photo Mechanic will play a sound effect when deleting photos.  

Never Warn when deleting: Turns off the warning when deleting files. Use with caution.

Update Creation Time: Changes the creation time of the image to the EXIF time of capture during Ingest or Copy. Unchecking this option will cause the files to have a creation time set as the time of Ingest or Copy, not the actual time of capture.

File Extensions: Choose upper or lower case for file extensions.

Manage file associations: Other software may create files that store their proprietary data about your images in files that live in the same folder as the image they belong to. Photo Mechanic cannot read or modify these files, but with the proper file association settings, you can make sure that Photo Mechanic will not leave these important files behind if you rename, move, or copy the images that they belong to.

Click ‘Edit’ to open the Associated File Types window.

Select the box for any file type that you would like Photo Mechanic to look for when renaming, copying, or moving your images. Clearing the checkbox for file types that you will not be using may improve Photo Mechanic’s performance.

Resolution Units: Choose between pixels per centimeter or pixels per inch. PPI is the default.

Add Photoshop resolution info to Camera JPEGs during IPTC update: Sets the default resolution for files created during Copy or IPTC Updates for other imaging applications that use a dpi value for sizing.

Default Resolution to use: Choose a resolution to use for all file operations such as Resize, Crop, Save As, FTP, etc. Saved images will have this resolution when viewed in other applications.

Renaming resolution: Set options for what Photo Mechanic should do when it tries to save a file to a folder and there is already a file with the same name. This policy applies to all renaming operations. You can choose to append a letter, or a single or double-digit number.  

Location of GStreamer (Windows only) GStreamer is an optional installation that allows you to preview video files in Photo Mechanic. 

Location of User Templates: These settings allow you to choose a folder where your custom templates are stored on your system. The export, HTML template, and uploader dialogs will look here for additional templates.

Set Proxy: (Windows only) a button to set HTTP proxy settings for templates that use HTTP as the basis for their protocol. 

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