Important Changes to Camera Bits!

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Font scale for IPTC Caption field: Allows you to make the text larger in the Caption field of the Metadata (IPTC) dialogs.

Enable Save, Upload and Next button in Metadata (IPTC) Info: Uncheck this to prevent inadvertently saving over critical information while reviewing files.

Customize Metadata (IPTC) Info and Customize Metadata (IPTC) Template These buttons open dialog windows that allow you to control which fields appear, how those fields are shown in Photo Mechanic, and how many rows of text will appear in the corresponding dialog boxes for the respective windows.

The Field column is the default IPTC name for the field; this cannot be changed. 

The Field Label column is the displayed description of the field in the Metadata (IPTC) dialog box. Double-click on a field label to change the displayed name. 

Rows change the number of rows of text input space.

Enabled controls which fields can be edited. 

Visible hides or displays the field. 

Single key shortcut for Color Class or 5-Star Rating: Set whether the number keys set the 5-Star Rating or the Color Class without a qualifier key when a single photo is selected.

Show Notification Center alerts instead of modal alerts where possible: (macOS only) Modal alerts require immediate action before anything else can happen while the macOS Notification Center displays the alert until you take the action but allows you to do other things. 

Ask when quitting Photo Mechanic: When this is checked, Photo Mechanic will ask you if you're sure before you quit. If you have no contact sheet open, Photo Mechanic will not ask you if you are sure, even if this preference is enabled. Enabling this preference may interfere with system shutdown on some computers since Photo Mechanic will not exit without confirmation.

User Interface theme for messages and dialog boxes:  Choose between Light Mode and Dark Mode on macOS. On Windows, this is a checkbox. Leave checked for a lighter user interface. 

Windows only checkboxes: 

Enable sound playback: Check to enable sound playback. 

Allow double-clicks to choose folders: check to enable double-click folder selection in the contact sheet navigator pane.


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