Photo Mechanic allows you to rate photos using a scale of 1-5 stars. Star ratings can be used in conjunction with tags and color classes. Star ratings are also compatible with many other photo editing tools, so you can rate photos in Photo Mechanic and retain those ratings in other products later

As with tags and color classes, star ratings appear below thumbnails in contact sheets and preview windows. 

Giving photos a star rating

You can give star ratings in multiple ways:

  • Select the preferred number of stars below the photo thumbnail. 
  • Select one or more photos and use Image>Set Rating of Photos:
  • Use the keyboard shortcut of control 1-5 and control-0 to remove a rating (or just 1-5  and 0 if set in preferences)  

By default, color class ratings are set to use a single key shortcut, but if you want to change this, you can go to Preferences:Accessibility and change it under Single key shortcut for Color Class or 5-Star Rating.

Filtering by star rating

You can filter your view in a contact sheet by start rating by using View>Ratings: and selecting the minimum rating that you want to see, for example, 3 or more stars. You can also use the star rating widget on the top of the contact sheet for more granular filtering. With the star rating widget, the star next to the number in the widget indicates that photos with that rating will be visible. In the following example, only photos with zero or two stars will appear in the contact sheet: