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    Photo Mechanic supports adding the licensing information for Google Images. For a longer and more detailed explanation of why this is important, please read our blog entry. 

The two main IPTC fields you will use for Google Images are as follows.

The “Copyright URL” Field

    This is the URL that Google will use for “License details.” (Note that the IPTC refers to this as Web Statement of Rights in their documentation.) It is part of the “Image Rights” section of both metadata dialogs in Photo Mechanic.

    Use a URL that lists the rights you'd like to use for the image. You can find Creative Commons licenses as well as the more general ones at

The Licensor URL Field(s)

    The second field Google will be showing in search results is the link where people will go to actually license your image. In Photo Mechanic, you can specify multiple licensors for any image.

There is an entire “Licensing” section of both the Metadata (IPTC) template and Metadata (IPTC) info dialogs. At the bottom of the Licensing section, you will find an Edit... button. 

    Select the “Edit…” to open the Licensor panel. That is where you will find the URL field. Use this to add a URL to your online store or gallery. In this example, it is from an album on Flickr:

    You could also put a variable in this field, such as {contactweb} to save time. In that case, anything you put in your “Contact Web URL” field will also get added to the Licensor URL field. 

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