You can save time in Photo Mechanic by extracting and exporting shorter clips from your longer video files. 

Note: Video playback - and the features dependent on it, such exporting video clips - is only available on the MacOS versions of Photo Mechanic. Windows users should read about how GStreamer can enhance working with videos in Photo Mechanic.

  1. Open the video in the Photo Mechanic preview window. 
  2. Navigate using the video progress bar until you find the start point for your clip. 
  3. Right-click and select Set Poster Frame.
  4. Your poster frame will now be marked in your video progress bar. 
  5. Navigate to the end of your desired clip on the progress bar. 
  6. Right-click and select Export video clip...
  7. A dialog box appears to let you choose the location and compression level for your new clip.  Use Gstreamer to view video thumbnails and previews on Windows