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    Photo Mechanic Plus has the same general preference dialogs as other Versions of Photo Mechanic. However, in addition with Photo Mechanic Plus, the Catalog Preferences provide  Catalog-specific preferences. In most cases, we recommend you just leave all preferences checked. 

    Navigate to Catalog > Catalog Preferences...

    Hide Active Catalogs Interface when only one catalog present: When checked, saves some space in the Organizer by hiding the interface that would allow you to navigate between catalogs when you don't need it. 

    Show metadata bar graphs: This shows a bar graph along with a number in Filter and Browse tab results.

    Use log10 graph scaling: When checked, this scales the bar graph so that extremely high and extremely low numbers will still have readable bars. 

    Sort Keywords with hierarchical priority: When checked, this sorts hierarchical keywords above other keywords. Uncheck this box if you would prefer a flat alphabetical sorting of your hierarchical keyword data.

    Find as you type: When checked, searching through keywords in the Filter tab, the results update instantly to highlight what you have typed so far rather than waiting for you to select enter/return. Hierarchical keywords will also be expanded to show what has been selected.

    Show Search interface when a Search Contact Sheet tab is activated: When checked, the Search interface will activate when you select a Search results contact sheet tab. 

    Show Filter interface when Filter Contact Sheet tab is activated: when checked, the Filter interface will activate when you select a Filter results contact sheet tab. 

    Show Browse interface when Browse Contact Sheet tab is activated: when checked, the Browse interface will activate when you select a Browse results contact sheet tab. 

    Show Collections interface when a Collections Contact Sheet tab is activated: when checked, the Filter interface will activate when you select a Collections results contact sheet tab.

    When double-clicking a Collection: Choices are Open only the Collection and Open the Collection and its sub-Collections.

    Location for External Proxies: Click the '...' button to choose a location to store the proxy images that your Photo Mechanic Plus catalogs create. Once this is set, any catalog set to "Use External Storage" for Proxy Storage in the Catalog Management window will create its Proxy files in this location.

  • If a location is already set, and then a new location is selected, you will need to quit Photo Mechanic Plus, and then move the proxies folder from the previous location, to the newly set location

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