Important Changes to Camera Bits!

Updating the Catalog Location of Externally Moved Folders

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<p data-identifyelement="500" dir="ltr">&nbsp; &nbsp; Using Photo Mechanic Plus to move folders will help ensure Catalogs path to those folders is accurate. Occasionally however, you might rearrange files and folders outside of Photo Mechanic Plus by using another program, such as macOS Finder or Windows Explorer. In that case, you will need to update their location in your catalogs the next time you use Photo Mechanic Plus.</p>

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<p data-identifyelement="509">To do this:</p>

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<li data-identifyelement="504" dir="ltr">Select the <strong data-identifyelement="505">Browse</strong> tab and open the <strong data-identifyelement="507">Folder Path subtree</strong>.</li>
<li data-identifyelement="508" dir="ltr">Right Click or Ctrl-Click on the folder that has been externally moved.</li>
<li data-identifyelement="509" dir="ltr">Select <strong data-identifyelement="510" dir="ltr">Update Folder Location...&nbsp;</strong>

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<li data-identifyelement="512" dir="ltr"><em data-identifyelement="513" dir="ltr">(Note: Builds prior to Photo Mechanic Plus Build 6375, will say &quot;Choose new location...&quot;)</em></li>
<li data-identifyelement="514">Specify the new location.</li>

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<div class="box" data-identifyelement="514" dir="ltr"><strong data-identifyelement="515">Note:</strong> The catalog fixes up the paths and the Browse tree updates, but any existing Browse tabs showing that old path will not correct themselves. Clicking on the updated folder path in <strong data-identifyelement="525">Browse&nbsp;</strong>will show updated results.</div>

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