Important Changes to Camera Bits!

Backing up & Transferring your Preferences

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    To export all of your preferences so you can move them to a new computer:

  1. Open Photo Mechanic's Preferences
    • On MacOS: Choose the Photo Mechanic menu from the Menu Bar. Depending on your version of MacOS, choose Settings... or Preferences...
    • On Windows: Chose Edit menu from the top of the Window. Choose Preferences...
  2. Select the “Export” button at the bottom of the Preferences window.
  3. The “Export Preferences Settings” window will open with a list of all preferences to be exported
  4. Choose 'Select All' (unless you wish to only export specific preferences)
  5. Choose 'Export' and then save the file in a place that is easy to find (such as your desktop).
  6. Move the exported file (it will have a .PMX extension) to your other computer.
  7. Open Preferences in Photo Mechanic on the other computer. 
  8. Select the “Import” button at the bottom of the window and locate the .PMX file that you created on your other computer.
  9. Choose 'Select All' in this window (unless you'd only like to import specific preferences)
  10. You'll be notified that Photo Mechanic will now quit. Launch the application again and it will be using all of the imported preferences.
    Tip: If you no longer plan to use Photo Mechanic on the computer that you exported your preferences from, be sure to deactivate your license on the old computer.


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