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Manual Activation & Deactivation

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    If you're unable to connect to the internet even via proxy, you can still activate and deactivate Photo Mechanic as long as you can upload files using a different computer or device with internet access (such as a smartphone). We know this process can be cumbersome, so we highly recommend registering or deactivating Photo Mechanic while the computer is connected to the internet.

Manual Activation

    Photo Mechanic will give you the option to generate a "Passport File"

  1. You will need to transfer this passport file to a device with internet access (Example via removable storage drive, memory card/reader, USB cable, etc)
  2. From that internet-connected device, you'll visit
  3. Upload your passport file for validation.
  4. Download the validated passport file
  5. Transfer the validated passport file back to the original computer.

    Then in the registration process, you will upload that validated file to Photo Mechanic to complete registration.

Manual Deactivation

    Your Photo Mechanic license allows you to install and activate Photo Mechanic on up to three computers. If you want to uninstall Photo Mechanic, you need to deactivate it first. You must deactivate Photo Mechanic from the computer that is running it. However, if that computer cannot connect to the internet or to the Photo Mechanic activation server (for example, your computer is blocked by firewall settings), you may manually deactivate Photo Mechanic by uploading a deactivation file to the server.

  1. Go to Help>Licensing: Deactivate this Computer.

  2. Select Deactivate Offline. 

  3. The system will generate a deactivation file. The default name for this file in Photo Mechanic 5 is PM5Deactivation.deac.

  4. Upload the file to


    If you select this option, Photo Mechanic will no longer run on the computer, but the activation will still count against your activated device limit until you complete deactivation. You must upload your deactivation file to to complete the process and free the activation. If the computer cannot connect to that server, transfer the file and upload it from another device.

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