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Slide Shows from a Contact Sheet

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    Slide Show view can be used to display photos for clients, facilitate group editing, or as part of a workflow to rate and tag selected photos with a full-screen preview. 

    To create a slide show, navigate to Image> Slide Show or use the keyboard shortcut command-L (Mac) or control-L (Windows).

    You can choose to display text and metadata variables under each slide in your slide show. You can also add transitions between slides, automatically or manually advance slides, and loop or shuffle playback. 

    If you are comfortable with Photo Mechanic's keyboard shortcuts for editing, you can edit slides as they display during the slide show. In Photo Mechanic, you will see feedback showing the changes you made. We suggest selecting "Wait for space bar before next image" if you plan on editing slides. 

    To save your slide show preferences for next time, use the lightning bolt button to save a settings Snapshot. 

Keyboard Shortcuts for Slide Shows

  • Caps-lock: pauses slide show
  • Esc: ends slide show
  • Space bar, Right-arrow, Down-arrow: advance to next image
  • Left-arrow, Up-arrow, Backspace: go back one image
  • D, d, Delete: dismiss image from slide show (removes it from the selection in the contact sheet)
  • +, =, keypad +: set tag on the image being displayed
  • -, _, keypad -: clear tag on the image being displayed
  • T, t: toggle tag on the image being displayed
  • 0-9: set color class on the image being displayed/set rating on the image being displayed (ctrl toggles single key preference)
  • F, f: toggle fullscreen/windowed mode. When in windowed mode, you can move the window to a different screen and toggle back into full screen and the slide show will continue on the new screen. The transition is a bit horrible so you should advance to the next image or go back to correct the display.

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