The Filter tab allows you to find photos in your catalogs by one or more metadata properties. For example, by color class and IPTC keyword. Each filter option applies instantly and shows you how many photos are available within your selected criteria. The topmost filter takes priority over each subsequent selection.

For example, this filter would first filter for only photos shot with a Nikon D850, and then further filter only those D850 photos with a five-star rating: 

Next to each selection, you will see the number of photos that meet the criteria (395 Nikon D850 photos), and the bar graph behind the number indicates the relative size of that number. You can turn off the bar graph in Catalog Preferences.

Create a new filter

  1. Click the New button
  2. Select a filter choice 
  3. Refine

Add more filters by using the + button. 

Remove filters by using the - button. 

Note: If you use the New button, it replaces all existing filters with a new one rather than andding a new filter criteria below your current filter. 

Alternatively, you can hold down the shift key and select a filter from the filter popup menus.