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    Photo Mechanic allows you to create and send emails with your images as attachments.

    Before you can begin creating your email, you will need to open a Contact Sheet and select one or more images that you would like to email.

Creating and Composing an Email

With files selected on the Contact Sheet, open the “Send Photos via email” window using one of the following options:

  • File menu > Send Photos via email
  • Right-click on your selected images and choose to Send photos via email... from the menu
  • Keyboard shortcut:
    • MacOS: ⌘-Shift-E
    • Windows: Ctrl-Alt-E

The Send Photos via email window is divided into two sections"

  • Image Settings: resolution, image quality
  • Email Settings: choose recipients, compose your message

Image Settings

Files at their original resolution may be too large to send as an attachment. Photo Mechanic offers options to resize and compress photos before they are attached to your email.

Most of the details for these options can be found in the Save Photos As... documentation. The Send Photos via email window offers a few modified options

  • Pixel dimension: Choose from Small, Medium, and Large scaling options, in addition to the full size and custom resolution options found in Save Photos As
  • Format: Photo Mechanic will only save out a JPEG to attach to your email

Email Settings

Here you will find the usual fields for composing an email provided by most email clients:

  • To:
  • CC:
  • BCC:
  • Subject:
  • Body:

    Each of these fields can be filled in directly, or you can also use Photo Mechanic’s variables to populate metadata from the images you are attaching to your email. The button to the right of the recipient fields allows you to choose email addresses from your contacts.

    Create a separate email for each photo: Check the box to have Photo Mechanic send one email per item selected on the Contact Sheet.

Note: When this box is unchecked, if you are using variables in any of the fields above, they will evaluate based on the metadata of the first image in your selection. When the box is checked, the variables will be evaluated for each item in the selection.

    Review email in email application before sending: Check this box to have your chosen email client open with your drafts before the email is sent. See below for how to configure your email client for use with Photo Mechanic.


For MacOS users, you can compose your email in the “Send Photos via email” window, and then choose between several different email clients to send out the email.

The clients that Photo Mechanic can connect to are:

  • MacOS Mail (pre-installed on every computer running MacOS)
  • Outlook
  • Entourage
  • Eudora
  • Mailsmith
  • Powermail

    The steps for setting your email account within the email client will vary depending on which client you use. Once your account has been configured in your email client of choice, select it from the “Send email via” dropdown below the Body field.


    On Windows, choose if you would like to enter your email account’s SMTP settings or use a MAPI email client to send your emails. Make your selection from the Send email via dropdown, below the body of your email.

  • MAPI: This will likely be the best option for the majority of users. When using this option, Photo Mechanic will use the system's default Email application to create and send your email.

    MAPI is a protocol that allows an application like Photo Mechanic to create an email in an email client that supports MAPI. Please note that you will need a 64-bit version of your email client in order to be compatible with Photo Mechanic 6 and Photo Mechanic Plus.

    MAPI compatible email clients include, but are not limited to:

    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • SMTP: The settings for this option will vary depending on your email provider, but regardless of your provider, all fields in the SMTP settings (other than “Reply to”) will be required to send email

    • Some email accounts need special set up to enable sending over SMTP. Below are some pages that have helped users get their account working with Photo Mechanic’s email tool. Please check your email provider’s documentation if you do not see them listed below.

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