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Adding Watermarks

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    The Watermarking tool allows you to place watermarks over images and can be accessed from any of the following functions: 

    Each of these windows has a “Watermark...” button that will allow you to customize the watermark. When you click the Watermark button, this dialog box will come up with your options:

    You can use image variables to customize the watermark, plain text, or a combination. When the watermark is rendered on the image, the metadata for the source image will fill in the variable. In this example, whatever is in the metadata (IPTC) field for copyright.  

  • Position - Controls let you choose one of nine different locations for your watermark to appear.   
  • Dimensions: Controls allow you to define the size of the watermark as a percentage of the final image size or in pixels.
  • Inset: refers to a border around the image.
  • Width: and Height: determine the size of the “box” that the text will be rendered into. There is no control for font size since in a batch operation one font size may not be the proper size for all images. The watermark renderer will use the largest font possible to fit the text into the box.
  • Image Logo: Section of the Watermarking dialog renders an image as an overlay over your photo. Use either the TIFF or PNG format for your image and preserve transparency so that your logo blends onto your photo.
  • Draw Image Logo: Checkbox enables or disables the rendering of your image logo onto your photo. 
  • Opacity: Slider controls how transparent you want your logo to appear when drawn onto your photo. Moving the slider completely to the right will make your logo appear solid, and moving the slider completely to the left will make your logo invisible. 
  • Scale    
    • To Fit Area:Shrinks the image logo to fit in the area you've selected on the Position grid.
    • Only if Too Large: Only shrinks the image logo if it is larger than the photo. The watermark will appear across the entire image. 
    • Allow Overscan: Does not shrink the image logo, which means the watermark may be cropped by the edges of the photo.  
    • Stretch to Edges Expands the logo image to fit the photo.
Note: No watermark will appear if it cannot be rendered with at least 6pt type without clipping. This can sometimes happen with watermarks that contain a lot of text (such as long variables) over small images. 


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