The Catalog menu includes the following options:

Include Selected Items Include the selected items in the catalog. 

Remove Selected Items Remove the selected items from the catalog. 

Map Location Search...Use this to find photos with GPS data near a location on a map. 

Scan to Catalog... Scan folders and files into a catalog without opening them in a contact sheet first. 

Catalog Sync...Sync external changes you have made to photos in your catalog. 

Catalog Management... Select active catalogs, reindex, or delete catalogs. Control the size of preview images. 

Manage Shared Folders... Create a common path for shared folders between multiple computers. 

Catalog Status... Shows the status of catalog-related tasks and allows you to end tasks that appear to be frozen. 

Catalog Preferences... Preferences specific to catalogs and the Organizer panel. 

Searchable Fields... Shows which metadata fields are searchable in catalogs

Search Examples... Shows example searches using Photo Mechanic Plus search query language.