Your Photo Mechanic license allows you to install and activate Photo Mechanic on up to three computers at a time. If you will no longer be using Photo Mechanic on one of those computers, or would like to uninstall the software, you will need to deactivate it first, to free up that activation for use on a different computer.

Deactivating Photo Mechanic

  1. Launch Photo Mechanic on the computer you wish to deactivate
  2. Click on the Help menu
  3. Choose Licensing
  4. Click Deactivate this computer...
  5. Photo Mechanic will ask if it can contact the Activation Server, click "Yes"
  6. You may be prompted for your Administrator Password to run a helper tool that will perform the deactivation Process, this is typically the password you use when you turn your computer on. Enter this password and click "Install Helper". If the password was entered correctly and Photo Mechanic was able to reach the server, the deactivation will complete, and Photo Mechanic will quit.

When to Deactivate Photo Mechanic

Once Photo Mechanic has been activated using your License Key, that activation will remain in use and continue to count as one of the three activations on your License Key until you deactivate it. This means that if you would like to uninstall Photo Mechanic from your computer, you will need to deactivate the software before you remove it from your computer. When you deactivate Photo Mechanic, that frees up the activation in use, allowing you to use that activation on a different computer.

We also recommend deactivating Photo Mechanic when:

  • Retiring or selling a computer - Because an activation on your License Key remains active until you deactivate it, an activation can count towards the three allowed on your license even if Photo Mechanic has been uninstalled and the computer has been wiped. If you have lost access to a computer before you were able to deactivate Photo Mechanic, please see the section below.
  • Modifying any hardware on your computer - Photo Mechanic creates an activation file from the unique configuration of components in your computer. Changing components such as the motherboard, RAM, or Graphics Card can cause the Photo Mechanic activation file to become invalid. If you modified the hardware before you were able to deactivate Photo Mechanic, please see the section below.

No longer have access to the computer or cannot launch Photo Mechanic

If you no longer have the computer or cannot launch Photo Mechanic to deactivate the license, please submit a ticket and the Camera Bits Support team will assist you.

Uninstalling Photo Mechanic after deactivating

Once Photo Mechanic has been deactivated from a computer, it is not required to uninstall the software before you can use your license to activate on another computer.

However, if you would like to remove the software and any of the folders that it creates, see Uninstalling Photo Mechanic