The Contact Sheet View in Photo Mechanic is the main window to view thumbnails of all of your images, whether you ingest them from your camera or open folders on your hard drive. Contact sheets allow you to rapidly cull for keepers, give star ratings, and more.

Above the series of thumbnails, you can find controls to switch from selector to loupe cursor. You also have options to sort and filter thumbnails within a contact sheet, such as sorting by image width or displaying only certain star ratings. 

You can have multiple contact sheets open at the same time. They’ll show up as tabs near the top of the screen. You can rearrange tabs by selecting and dragging.  You can also rapidly toggle between open tabs using the keyboard shortcuts:

On macOS:

  • Command-Shift-} move one tab to the right 
  • Command-Shift-{  move one tab to the left

On Windows:

  • Hold down the Control key and use the left or right arrows to navigate. 

You can select multiple thumbnails by shift-dragging over your selection. 

The left panel

The left panel of a contact sheet has three main areas: Favorites, Navigator, and Tasks. 

You can expand or shrink each area or the entire left panel by dragging. 

The Navigator is a view of your computer’s folder system for navigation. 

Favorites are shortcuts to folders you want to reopen in a contact sheet. Add folders to your favorites list by dragging from the navigation area or by right-clicking a folder or tab and selecting “Add to Favorites.” 

Tasks will show progress for Photo Mechanic processes such as ingest and FTP.